How do I print my Virtual Race Bib?

To print your Virtual race bib first go to the Space Coast Marathon RunSignup. Then click “Find a Participant”.


On the next screen, search for your registration by entering your first and last name OR search by email address and date of birth. Then click “Lookup Registration”


Once you have found your registration, click the bib number next to your name.


You can then click “Print” to print your Virtual Race Bib.



The current start plans are to have each participant line up according to their pace in the corral.  The full marathon and NORTH half marathon will start at 6:00 am.  The SOUTH half marathon will start at 6:20am

Can I switch from the Full to the Half or vice versa? Or switch to or from the virtual event? (SWITCHING)

YES!!   We CAN switch you from the full marathon to the half marathon.  You can choose between the north or south unless the course is full.  You may switch from the half to the full if there is “space” in the full marathon.

For added flexibility for participants switching between events themselves online including virtual events will be available until November 17th, 2023 as long as there is space in the race. To allow switching between the event and the virtual race, participation caps are in place. If an event fills, the option to switch to this event will not show as available. There is no additional fee to move to the virtual option. The only additional cost is if you need your packet shipped. No changes will be allowed after November 17, 2023.

In order to transfer between events to virtual, you will need to log into your RunSignUp account -> Upcoming Races -> Space Coast Marathon -> Manage Registration.  Once you click on Manage Registration, you will need to click on the “Transfer Event” Menu Tab.  This will allow you to initiate the transfer to the virtual race.  Please see the screenshots below:

Select which event you would like to transfer to (it will still show the price) and continue through the transfer registration process. There is no cost to transfer however, there may be a difference in cost between events or to have your packet shipped, which you will be prompted to pay at checkout.

If this is not the case, please email


How do I submit Virtual Results

When registering on Run Sign Up for the Satellite Virtual Race you will enter your email address. Run Sign Up will email  instructions to you on race day on how to submit your results. If you do not submit your results, you will get another reminder from Run Sign Up one week after race day.

Or you can go to the Results tab on our website and click on Submit Virtual Results. Or go directly to RunSignUp Click here 

You can also log into your RunSignUp account and look under ‘Past Events’ if you are submitting after the event day, once you find Space Coast Marathon & Half Marathon, you will see a link to ‘Submit Results’

The submission of virtual results can only be done between November 27th and December 12th.  However, the distance can be completed at your convenience.

Submit virtual results to maintain eligibility for challenge medals.

Virtual participants are not eligible for awards.

When can I run the Satellite Virtual Race?

Running the Satellite virtual marathon and half marathon can be run anytime. Virtual results will be allowed to be uploaded starting on November 26th @ 6 AM through December 17th, 2023 @ 11:59 PM.

Can I have my packet shipped to me?

When registering for the Satellite Virtual Race you can opt to have your packet shipped to you within the continental US for $10 . Packets will be shipped out starting during packet pick up week and after the event day.  For participants within Brevard County, you can pick up your packet at Running Zone or at the Expo or up to 1 week following the event. There is also a international shipping option for virtual participants outside of the United States.

If you opted to have your packet shipped, but would rather pick up your packet, please email us

If you need to change the shipping address please email us


Are there pace teams this year?

Yes!  You can find the information here!


What are other Space Coast Marathon and Half Marathon Policies

For a complete listing of the Space Coast Marathon & Half Marathon Policies and Rules of Conduct & Competition, please review the attached document.

How can I claim the event insurance I purchased?

For those events that offer insurance you will see a separate option to purchase when you are paying for your registration for a covered event. If you purchase insurance you will see a separate charge on your credit card for the insurance and you will receive an email from Allianz Global Assistance with details on your coverage.

If you have purchased event registration insurance for an event and have a question or claim please contact Allianz Global Assistance as follows: To manage your policy or file a claim, please visit: If you have questions regarding your insurance, please contact Allianz Global Assistance at 1-888-497-6987.

Which Half Marathon Course should I choose?

Both Half Marathon courses have beautiful homes and a great tree-lined view of the river. Click here for more information

North Course:

    • few more rolling hills
    • views of NASA’s Vehicle Assembly Building
    • change of scenery

South Course:

  • original half marathon course
  • historic building along the route
  • 7 hour time limit & more leisurely pace
What devices are prohibited on the course?

For your safety, we ask you not to wear music listening devices because the course is open to residential traffic. Strollers, bicycles and other unauthorized vehicles and unofficial space cadets are not permitted on the course.

Are the Full and the Half Medals the same?

YES! Same base medal. Finisher medals will be the same except the FULL medals will read “Marathon” and HALF medals will read “Half Marathon” on the actual medal.

How can I get a 3 Year Starship Challenge Medal?

Complete 3 races (participation in either the half or full marathon) for all 4 years (2022-2025)! Any distance combination qualifies. Virtual participants can submit results to maintain eligibility.

How can I get a 4 Year Mission to Mars Medal?

Complete 4 races (participation in either the half or full marathon) for all 4 years (2022-2025)! Any distance combination qualifies. Virtual participants can submit results to maintain eligibility.

Where will I receive my challenge medal?

All eligible participants will receive challenge medals at the finish or in your packets (TBD).  Please check your eligibility here

Virtual participants can maintain eligibility by submitting results via RunSignUp and will receive instructions explaining the process.

What are the rules for registering and qualifying for the Challenges: Starship (3 Years) and Mission to Mars (4 years)?
  1. You must register using the exact same name and address for all events. If you move or get married you must contact us for change of name or address prior to the race week to make the change.
  2. You must wear a Chronotrack RFID timing tag and receive an official time for each event. If you do not have an official finishing time, you will automatically be disqualified.
    • Virtual participants must submit results via RunSignUp to maintain eligibility.
  3. Entry into each event is not guaranteed. Register early to ensure your spot.
Is there a cap on the race?

The Marathon is capped at 1,500, the North Half Marathon is capped at 2,000 and the South Half Marathon is capped at 3,500. These also include virtual numbers in total.

Can I give my number or sell my to someone else? (TRANSFERS)

No. The transfer of race numbers from one person to the other is NOT allowed.   Also, giving or selling your race number to another person is against race policy. Violation of these rules will jeopardize your participation in future Space Coast Marathon & Half Marathon events.

Can I get a refund? I got hurt, can I defer to next year? (DEFERRALS / REFUNDS)

No. You may switch your registration yourself online to the virtual race until 11/17/2023 allowing you to run when you are able to and may submit results until 12/17/2023. If you are outside Brevard, you may elect to have your packet shipped to you.

Entry fees are non-refundable and may NOT be deferred toward a future event.  The only exception to our deferral policy will be for those who are on active military duty and are deployed for service (a copy of deployment orders is required).We are racers and runners just like you and are sorry hear of injuries, unexpected circumstances, and work schedule changes.

If you registered with a legible email address, you will receive your Virtual Race Bag via email. Several local charities, foundations, and health related groups are the beneficiaries of the Space Coast Marathon & Half Marathon through Running Zone Foundation and Space Coast Runners and we thank you for your support of this event.


I noticed that you don’t offer refunds or transfers, why is this?

We have created this event policy based on operational necessities (inventory levels, product shipment, registration data, etc) as well as protecting our runners from liability implications and keeping them safe. We encourage you to switch your registration to the virtual option and run when you are able to.

What finisher perks do I receive?

For the full list check out participant perks page

Event Participants

  • Official Race Shirt
  • Official timing results – net time 
  • Finishers receive: ‘Astronomical’ Finisher Medals 
  • Finishers receive: Full size Finisher Beach Towels 
  • Post Race Party:  Beer, Chocolate Milk, and more!
  • Finishers receive: Finisher Certificate (electronic)
  • Virtual Race Bag – emailed offers from our sponsors and partners
  • Awesome Awards for Age Group Winners

Virtual Participants

  • Official Race Shirt
  • Finishers receive: ‘Astronomical’ Finisher Medals 
  • Finishers receive: Full size Finisher Beach Towels 
  • Finishers receive: Finisher Certificate (electronic)
  • Virtual Race Bag – emailed offers from our sponsors and partners
  • Costume Contest: Tag us on social media in your costume for a random giveaway of a $50 VISA gift card
  • Download Race Bib
  • Submit Virtual Results via RunSignUp
    • Eligibility for 3 and 4 Year challenge medals
What time do the races start?

We are starting the Marathon and North Half Marathon at 6:00 am! The South Half Marathon will start at 6:20 am!

What are the dates for Space Coast Marathon & Half Marathon?

The race always falls on the Sunday after Thanksgiving.


2022:  11/27/22

2023:  11/26/23

2024:  12/1/24

2025:  11/30/25

Pace Requirements: Is there a course limit?

Yes. Officially 7 Hours. The course will be open until 1:00 pm and participants will receive course support until that time.

Pace Requirements:

Marathon – 6:00 am start – an 16 minute per mile pace must be maintained for all athletes in the marathon.

North Half Marathon – 6:00 am start – Faster than the speed of light: under 4:30 expected finish time

South Half Marathon – 6:20 am start – Pluto’s Orbit: 6:40 hour time limit

Marathon participants unable to maintain the above paces will not be able to proceed to the south portion of the race course.  Once passing the half marathon split point, the marathon participant will be directed to the race finish area.  (the half marathon split point is approximately ¼ mile from the finish line area)

Any marathoners, that pass the half marathon split point but fall behind and are not at the 20 Mile Split Point at 6 hours from the start, will be picked up at any point along the course and transported to the finish line area.

A training pace of 16-minute per mile pace is recommended to allow for photo and restroom breaks.

Is there a shuttle to the health and fitness expo on Saturday?

There is not a shuttle provided to the expo.

When & where is packet pick-up?

View the Packet Pickup Schedule

**PHOTO ID REQUIRED** Please note: You will be required to bring your race confirmation (hard copy) and your Drivers License or Photo ID when picking up your race packet. 

Can someone pick up my packet?

Yes, if they have a copy of your driver’s license.

What is a Digital Event Bag?

All Event Participants that provided a legible email will receive a Digital Event Bags.

We have partnered with Fanomena Events to produce a ‘digital event bag’ in an effort to go green and provide additional benefits to our participants. As a participant of this year’s event you will receive an invitation email to your digital event bag prior to the event giving you access to the bag. In your goody bag you will find an array of valuable information including exclusive offers, coupons and sponsor messages. So watch for an invitation to your bag and Get Your Green On!

What is included in the Digital Event Bag?

An array of valuable information including exclusive offers, coupons and sponsor messages from our race sponsors and partners.

Is there race day packet pick-up?

Please plan on picking up your packet during Packet Pick Up Week, Monday – Friday at Running Zone (not Thanksgiving Day), or at the Expo on Saturday, which closes at 5 p.m. See more info on the Expo and Packet Pick- up

What time are the shuttle buses to the race? Can friends and family take the shuttle?

Shuttle buses from HOST and Partner Hotels will leave at 4:00 a.m. and the 2nd bus will return to the hotel at approximately 4:45 a.m. If you don’t want to be rushed, take the 1st bus at 4:00 a.m. Friends and family can take either shuttle. Shuttles will return in a loop to the hotels starting at 7:45 a.m. until 1:30 p.m. However; the buses will only stop at hotels of participants or guests on the bus, not necessarily at all hotels. There is also off-site parking at Merritt Island Square Mall. See more details at Parking and Transportation tab

Where and when is the start of the race?

Cocoa Village: Race Central 401 Riveredge Blvd., Cocoa, FL 32922. To get to the START LINE from Cocoa Village, proceed west to Brevard Ave. Marathon & Half Marathon Start: 6:00 am

Please note that you should be at the start at least a 1/2 hour before the start of the race.  You will be designated a start time this year.

Can we check our bags on race day?

Yes, Clear gear check bags are available during packet pickup at the expo. Use the sticker number provided in your race bag to affix to the outside of the bag. All items in gear check must be visible – NO BACKPACKS allowed in gear check.

Can I run with a jogging stroller?

No. Strollers of any kind are not permitted on the course being that the course is open to local traffic and also near a river. At some points the course becomes narrow. For both your safety and that of other runners and walkers, we do not allow strollers.

Type of nutrition used on course and where?

Aid stations will be available on the course as well as at the finish line. Water and sports drink will be available at every aid station. GU brand gels will be available on the course at designated stations.

What’s the weather going to be like?

Although race day temperatures have averaged 53 for the low and 73 for the high, be prepared for cool as well as warm weather. Florida weather is somewhat unpredictable in the later months of the year.

Are there hills?

This is a fast, mostly flat Boston qualifier course. There are some small rolling hills on the 1st half of the marathon. To check the elevation maps please see the Course Info page.

Are there age minimums?

The minimum age for the Marathon is 18 years old. For the Half Marathon, our general suggestion is a minimum of 16 years of age with at least 2 year of experience running. All registration under 18 requires a parent/guardian signature. A request for an exception can be made to the race director at

Ideas for information to include (but not limited to) Will a parent or adult be with the child/ children at all times?

  • Will the child be running or walking the event?
  • If either of these children have participated in similar length distances (half marathon, 10 miler or 10K)? If so, please submit which race and their finishing times
  • Training experience in number of years

These are general questions that can help the race director consider the request in regards to safety at the event.

Why aren’t there a lot of pictures of me showing up on Marathon Foto?

If your race number is not visible, the Marathon Foto team cannot tag your pictures. There is a section of “Lost & Found” pictures available on their site. Please contact their customer service team.