Yes. 7 Hours for the full marathon, 4 hours for the North Half Marathon, and 6 hours 45 minutes for the South Half Marathon. The course will be open until 1:00 pm and participants will receive course support until that time.

Pace Requirements:

Marathon – 6:00 am start – an 16 minute per mile pace must be maintained for all athletes in the marathon.

North Half Marathon – 6:00 am start – Faster than the speed of light: under 4:00 hour expected finish time

South Half Marathon – 6:15 am start – Pluto’s Orbit: 6 hour 45 minute time limit

Marathon participants unable to maintain the above paces will not be able to proceed to the south portion of the race course.  Once passing the half marathon split point, the marathon participant will be directed to the race finish area.  (the half marathon split point is approximately ¼ mile from the finish line area)

Any marathoners, that pass the half marathon split point but fall behind and are not at the 20 Mile Split Point at 6 hours from the start, will be picked up at any point along the course and transported to the finish line area.

A training pace of 16-minute per mile pace is recommended to allow for photo and restroom breaks.